The Elysia Skye Breast Cancer Organization was started in July 2008 by breast cancer survivor, Elysia Skye. We are creating a global community, working towards a decrease in the risk of cancer through PREVENTION. This means education, empowerment and an understanding of the physical effect of a positive perspective. Our mission is to educate young women and men on cancer prevention, to raise awareness about cancer in women under 40 and to share a message of love, laughter and gratitude during trauma and illness. We also raise funds and act as a donation platform for those affected by cancer at any age.

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Anyone dealing with cancer may personally reach out to Elysia Skye or a member of her team to seek encouragement and resources.  Please do not be shy and do not hesitate to connect with us. There is no cost to be our friend :-)  Additionally, low income patients are always welcome to a complimentary “Die From Laughing, Not From Cancer” gift.

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We have been able to financially support or supplement those who are dealing with cancer or a life threatening illness.  Of course we encourage everyone to have an insurance plan, and a supplemental insurance plan (like the duck), but not everyone gets them in time, and not everyone is approved.  We service a variety of communities who choose to fundraise through our non-profit, offering tax deductible receipts to donors.

Funds are collected through us and dispersed to recipients at 90%. The 10% kept goes to paypal fees, and the rest is retained for operations. We do not currently offer customizable funding pages.  If you are donating on behalf of someone else, please leave a note with their name and campaign.



Hello beautiful community! I am so excited to share our newest project, which my Producing partner, Patrick Norman (Lakewood Films) brought to us. We have teamed up to create a documentary about nipple and breast tattoos for women who have gone through a total or partial mastectomy and have had their nipples removed. We are beyond thrilled to get to share this empowering and affordable option through this film, FULL CIRCLE. We appreciate your support by donating and sharing. That will make this possible for us to share this with the world. We’ll also be interviewing my medical team, and other women who have experienced transformation (emotional and physical) through getting their nipples done (Finally!).

We fell in love with Vinnie Meyers of Balitmore, MD who has dedicated his working life to empowering women through the gift of hyper-realistic 3D nipple tattoos that replace or enhance nipple surgery. This is an incredible alternative to surgery, and for those who still want the actual nipple effect which you can get through skin grafting, this adds the color and real look of the nipple (instead of the scar tissue color or the cosmetic tattoo options). My nipple tattoos were done in 2007 by a cosmetic artist (she does permeneant make up) because I didn’t know people like Vinnie were doing this! And to get a “Vinnie” is actually less expensive then what I paid for mine. We’ve also partnered with to celebrate this choice that women are making for themsleves! Thank you so much for your love and support! Again, please share and contribute what you can. Love, Elysia & Team!


I have been a thermography patient of Dr. Hillary Smith’s for over 7 years. I wish I knew about thermography before my diagnosis, it may have saved my breasts. Thermography is the earliest detection of breast tissue. Breast thermography consists of a series of radiation-free and painless infrared images that are interpreted by M.D. Thermologists. Full body and region of interest scans are also available. To learn more you can visit

I have chosen to partner with Dr. Smith for the second year in a row because of the excellence of her work and because thermography shows the earliest changes in breast tissue. Prevention and proactive health are a part of our practice philosophy. If you are experiencing a hardship and would like to apply, please contact us.

Completing an application does not guarantee your thermography. You must be available to come to the Advanced Medical Thermography offices in Sherman Oaks, California.  Some grants will be partial and some will be fully paid for.  Elysia and Laugh About Cancer do not make the final decision on who is approved. The team at Dr. Smith’s office will consider each applicant on a case by case basis and help those most in need.



This is a  few years  away, but a percentage of donations is put away for the future construction of  our creative cancer center.  These centers will open internationally, and will be a community of women, men and all artists who are going through cancer treatments, or who have had cancer, or prefer to receive classes and healing in a non-judgmental environment.

Aside from yoga, pilates, reiki, acupuncture and many other eastern medical practices, there will be classes taught on painting, screenwriting, cinematography, acting, dance (the list goes on) and all equipment will be free to each member of the center. This will be a place for people who are not into support groups, but would rather support each-other through their work. So often during treatment, it is hard to fulfill your creative desires because of how you are feeling combined with your lack of resources. At the CCC, we will have staff on board, knowledgeable in each area to help you see your visions come to life.

Additionally, the CCC will have an organic cafe and retail store of goods such as human hair wigs, lymphadema products, acupuncture services, and many other offerings that members can purchase for 3/4 the original price.

The only way to make this center a reality is to get sponsors. If you or someone you know is passionate about this project and wants to make a contribution in excess of $5,000 please contact us.  Expected costs will be in the millions  and all sponsors will be honored at the center.  We are also seeking celebrity endorsements and product placement. Please call   888    592   3676  to discuss your sponsorship and/or partnership in the  creative cancer center.



Donate your hair to the Elysia Skye Breast Cancer Organization and we will post pictures of you on the site and send you a free “Die From Laughing, Not From Cancer” T-shirt!

Most people think you need 10-12 inches of hair to donate, that is not true! Pantene Beautiful Lengths takes 8 inch ponytails and makes wigs for cancer patients. The only stipulation is you CANNOT send in BLEACHED hair or hair that is too processed.

We are not partners with them, but send them lots of ponytails and support their organization.

If you have 8 inches or more of a ponytail to donate, please send it along with a before and after photo (photo optional) to:
The Elysia Skye Breast Cancer Organization
5062 Lankershim Blvd, #420, North Hollywood, CA 91601

Eventually we would love to have our own wig manufacturing company, but until then we are happy to support Beautiful Lenghts!


This brave, beautiful woman donated her hair on honor of her Mother.
Blanca Quintanilla donating her hair! This brave, beautiful woman donated her hair on honor of her Mother.



With her highly anticipated book release, Elysia is speaking out to groups of women about having cancer at 24.  She has been featured at the Fertile Action Gala’s TASTY TATAs, Andrea Quinn’s QUINNESSENTIAL FINAL NIGHT, Cami Walker’s “29 Gifts” radio show, Alicia Brandt’s “Women’s Night Out” and has a few suprise public speaking engagements coming soon. She has also been interviewed by Attribute Magazine, LA Family Magazine and has appeared on a handful of public service announcements (Susan G Komen, United Healthcare…)  and reality television programs (Dress My Nest, The Price is Right…) to raise awareness towards being under 40 with cancer.

When asked about her book being different from other breast cancer books, here is what Elysia Skye replied, “The majority of “breast cancer books” out there are guides on making informed decisions, or soup for the soul books of mini inspiring stories. Though these books are helpful, NONE of them are targeted to women under 40. When I was going through cancer treatments, I was given every book under the sun and none of them were what I needed. I needed a book to tell me the dirt, what it’s REALLY like, what happens with your boyfriend, your job, your friends and most importantly your breasts and I wanted to see pictures of someone my age each step of the way. It was not out there! And I understood why, it is scary to show someone your scars. Especially when they’re three inches long and sit in place of a nipple. But my journey was a gift and my book is here to answer the questions nobody else wants to answer, like “will boys still want to have sex with me if my boobs are hard as rocks?” and “if I’m an aspring actress, model, producer or any other job where your looks matter, will cancer ruin my chances of being successful?” These are just a few of hundreds of taboos I will show my young audience that they can break and conquer.”

If you would like Elysia to speak to your group of young women and men (high school age through 40),  or to bring her one woman show “I Got My Tits Done In Beverly Hills”, please contact us or call her manager directly –  Leslie Conliffe  at 310-402-5163. Elysia is available to come to your schools, hospital, groups and events. 


Many people, men and women, suffer from this devistating side effect known as lymphadema, which is created when lymphnodes are removed during surgery (usually because there is a known malignant tumor or cancer cells in the nodes). Almost every doctor will tell you there is no cure, and just about every medical underwriter for every insurance company considers treatments for it to be “experimental” or “cosmetic”.

Ever since Elysia had her venous anastamosis surgery with Dr.Black, her lymphadema has improved about 75% of the way. She NO longer has to wear compression sleeves or go to physical therapy!  Elysia has been sharing this information via press releases, through her network of Los Angeles doctors, and through this website. However, Dr.Black in Torrance cannot physically take on the amount of patients calling him who have lymphadema.  Besides him, his colleauge Jay Granzo is also doing this surgery. There are also doctors at MD Anderson in texas, and a few in Tokyo and Italy.

The Elysia Skye Breast Cancer Organziation hopes to make this surgery a regular practice amongst plastic and reconstructive surgeouns who do micro-vascular work.  And most importantly, we want insurance to PAY FOR IT.  Elysia fought long and hard to get her insurance to cover 60% of the “allotted” amount. Meaning out of a surgery that cost close to $100,000 (including 5 day hospital stay), they’ve paid out $1500 so far in nine months time. The amazing staff at Dr.Black’s office is still waiting for their money. Elysia was able to pay out quite a few thousand herself from last Octobers fundraiser, but the point is there is no reason this should even be an issue.

Through our awareness campaign, and with the amazing support of Bob Weiss (, we hope this will all be an easy process in the near future.


Elysia, her right arm, and Dr. James Black minutes before surgery on 11/05/09
Elysia, her right arm, and Dr. James Black minutes before surgery on 11/05/09
Elysia comparing her arms a week after getting her bandaging off. That's a happy girl!
Elysia comparing her arms a week after getting her bandaging off. That’s a happy girl!



The Elysia Skye Breast Cancer Organization is working with reconstructive genius, Dr.Lisa Cassileth to produce a breast cancer calendar promoting reconstruction.  We are currently seeking women to be models in our calendar.

The requirements are that you must have had or be in the process of having reconstructive surgery (you do not need to have nipples) on atleast one breast.  You will have the option of posing topless, or in your underwear, and you may also pose along with friends, family and loved ones.

We want to capture each woman’s unique story and inspire others to get their femininity back, one boob at a time!

If you are interested in being a part of this project as a model, a partner or a producer, please contact us immediately.