The Elysia Skye Breast Cancer Organization was started in July 2008 by breast cancer survivor, Elysia Skye. We are creating a global community, working towards a decrease in the risk of cancer through PREVENTION. This means education, empowerment and an understanding of the physical effect of a positive perspective. Our mission is to educate young women and men on cancer prevention, to raise awareness about cancer in women under 40 and to share a message of love, laughter and gratitude during trauma and illness. We also raise funds and act as a donation platform for those affected by cancer at any age.

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  • – Laugh About Cancer’s facebook fan page! Be a fan and spread the word. Love & Gratitude from the ESBCO
  • – Follow Elysia Skye on twitter!
  • – DIE FROM LAUGHING, NOT FROM CANCER! The official site of Elysia Skye’s mock infomercial.  Hilarious and educational, this film will inspire you to embrace humor during times of trauma.
  • www.imtooyoungforthis.orgSTUPID CANCER! This phenominal network was started by my friend Matthew Zachary with a mission to end isolation, improve quality of life and provide meaningful survivorship for young adults affected by cancer
  • www.fertileaction.orgFERTILE ACTION, created by visionary Alice Cristi, fertile action is an awareness and medical research non-profit to support women’s fertility options before and during treatment. If you are seeking information on how to preserve your eggs and ensure your right to be a mother while battling cancer, please visit  their site.
  • – Give a little each day, Make a BIG impact! Give one thing away each day for 29 days. Share your stories about how it impacts your life to focus on giving.
  • Weisberg Yoffe Foundation for Authors – Ken Yoffe and Ellen Weisberg  In honor of their adopted daughter, Emily and  in memory of one of the mothers in their adoption group, who passed away at the age of 39 from breast cancer they co-authored and illustrated a children’s geography book entitled “All Across China”.  Ken and Ellen were inspired to donate the personal proceeds for “All Across China”, and other books they publish, to breast cancer research, support, and awareness as well as heart disease research and Parkinson’s and dystonia research. For more information and a discount on these books, please visit their website.
  • – Artists in The Fight Against Cancer is a consortium of invdividuals who work to raise money for cancer care on the local level.
    Die From Laughing, Not From Cancer. Add us as a friend and spread the word about this 15 minute mock-informercial guarenteed to educate you and make you laugh at the same time. Written, Directed and Produced by Elysia Skye.
  • www.cancerschmancer.orgCancer Schmancer! Founded by Fran Drescher. “I got famous, then I got cancer, and now I live to talk about it. Sometimes the best gifts come in the ugliest packages. Please join “The Fran Plan” by becoming a member of the Cancer Schmancer Movement. Together we can do what needs to be done, so less of us will die prematurely.”
  • www.butyoudontlooksick.comThe stories behind the smiles. magazine is about livinglife to the fullest with disability, invisible disease, or chronic pain and hopes to provide answers to the endless questions of: But you don’t look sick?
  • http://su2c.standup2cancer.orgThis is where the end of cancer begins. Here we stand, on the verge of unlocking the answers that will finally conquer the devastation that is cancer.
  • – Breast Cancer Prevention.  Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation is dedicated to achieving a future without breast cancer by engaging the public and the scientific communities in innovative research.
  • www.intimateimage.comAsk for Beth and say you’re friends with Elysia! Intimate Image breast prosthesis is deeply comitted to the special needs of post-mastectomy, chemotherapy, lymphadema and radiation therapy patients.  We help you see how it is possible to go back to your pre-cancer lifestyle during and after treatment.
  • www.lymphedivas.comStylish Compression Apparel for Lymphedema. Their fashionable compression apparel for lymphedema can inspire breast cancer survivors everywhere to feel beautiful, strong, and confident.