The Elysia Skye Breast Cancer Organization was started in July 2008 by breast cancer survivor, Elysia Skye. We are creating a global community, working towards a decrease in the risk of cancer through PREVENTION. This means education, empowerment and an understanding of the physical effect of a positive perspective. Our mission is to educate young women and men on cancer prevention, to raise awareness about cancer in women under 40 and to share a message of love, laughter and gratitude during trauma and illness. We also raise funds and act as a donation platform for those affected by cancer at any age.

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Fighting Cancer – The Wedding of a Lifetime!

Thursday, April 11, 2013 @ 12:04 AM
posted by Elysia Skye

If you were told you might only have a few months to live, what would you do? For Jenn and Brian, they are planning the wedding of a lifetime.

They have been engaged for a few months and were planning a big beautiful wedding for late summer 2013. Last week Jenn was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer (angiosarcoma of the breast) and we fear she will not be around long enough for a summer wedding. Her doctors have told her that the survival rate to beating this is very low. SO – their new date is set for April 21st (hoping her chemo treatments will not trigger her hair loss that soon) but not only do they need funds for their ceremony and reception, Jenn’s medical treatments are not fully covered by insurance – and worse, Brian lives out of state and is doing everything to secure work in LA to support his amazing bride-to-be.

We want Jenn to be a miracle story of triumph over tragedy! The Elysia Skye Breast Cancer Organziation and LA Wedding Woman have teamed up to make their dreams come true. And with your help, we can make this happen for them and give Jenn a much better chance at NOT becoming a statistic. Plus, your donation is 100% tax deductible. Woohoo!
What We Need for her Cancer Treatments

$150 a month for Jenn’s nutritionist
$5000 medical costs not covered by insurance
$500 for 2 human hair lace front wigs
$1000 to move Brian to LA to care for her
$250 in comedic entertainment (movies, live shows, concerts etc. – LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINCE AFTER ALL!).
$850 in unforseen costs and care

What We Need for the Wedding

$500 for the ceremony venue (Thank you Yamashiro for the generous discount!)
$2500 for the reception catering
$1000 for the reception staff and decor
$500 Flowers, Shoes and Wedding Dress
$300 Groom”s apparel and gift for bride
$250 Hair and Make Up for bride and gift for the groom
$200 Wedding Cake
$500 DJ and music
$1500 Photography and Videography

The Impact

Jenn is currently recieving treatment prescribed by her doctors, so the next step to fighting and beating her cancer is for her to have joy, hope and inspiration (plus a little bit of nutritional help, accupuncture, intravenious vitamin c and much more).

When we offered Jenn and Brian the chance at having their dream wedding and their out-of-pocket medical costs potentiatlly covered by this campian, they said this was the first great thing that had happened during a week of terrible news. This gave them hope.

Jenn has a blog on where she is very open about wanting nothing but to survive this and help others. She’s been helping people for a long time, being that she is a registered nurse at Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles, but her mission doesn’t end here. Let’s give them an amazing wedding and the opportunity to beat this thing with western medicine, holistic and eastern medicine, all the prayers in the world and the wedding of a lifetime! You can be a miracle to their family.
Other Ways You Can Help

Please help to get the word out and make some noise about this campaign. Indiegogo has very simple share tools!

And stop by Jenn’s blog to learn more about this incredible woman and send her your love! She would appreciate that very much :-)

For more information about the Elysia Skye Breast Cancer Organization, please visit, and LA Wedding Woman, please visit

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