The Elysia Skye Breast Cancer Organization was started in July 2008 by breast cancer survivor, Elysia Skye. We are creating a global community, working towards a decrease in the risk of cancer through PREVENTION. This means education, empowerment and an understanding of the physical effect of a positive perspective. Our mission is to educate young women and men on cancer prevention, to raise awareness about cancer in women under 40 and to share a message of love, laughter and gratitude during trauma and illness. We also raise funds and act as a donation platform for those affected by cancer at any age.

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010 @ 01:10 PM
posted by Elysia Skye

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And heads up, New website coming soon (OMG Elysia won’t be doing this all herself anymore!?!)

It’s Breast Cancer PREVENTION Month!

Dear new friend or long time supporter,

Welcome to the first ever newsletter for The Elysia Skye Breast Cancer Organization aka Laugh About Cancer! This month, most people are talking about a cure but what stands out to me is prevention.

I’ve teamed up with some amazing women, most of whom are my doctors and friends, to advocate prevention through early detection and a change in attitude. #1) Get yourself checked, don’t wait. Start a baseline so you know ever year if your body is changing and #2) A sense of humor and change in your perception will lessen the severity of any illness or trauma.

Thank you for making this foundation what it is today and will become.

We have some great events this month and a re-vamped website coming very soon! Meanwhile, please visit for resources, articles and to donate or purchase merch for yourself or as a gift.

With Love and Gratitude,

Elysia Skye

Read the full newsletter here

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